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External Wall Insulation

Texacote uses a range of high performance exterior wall insulation systems from a number of manufacturers to suit a variety of exterior surfaces and customer's requirements.

This involves fixing an insulating layer to the outside of the house, and putting a render or cladding over the top. Render is generally the cheaper option. Cladding comes in a variety of forms including brick, tiles, timber or shingles.

You may need planning permission for external wall insulation, so make sure you check with your planning department before going ahead. It may not be suitable for the front of some period houses, but you may be able to insulate the back.

The most common insulating material is polystyrene. The render finish usually consists of a reinforced base coat followed by a decorative mineral or synthetic finish. EWI Systems increase a properties energy efficiency reducing fuel bills.

External Wall Insulation can also reduce ‘cold spots’ and hence alleviate condensation.
Aesthetically adding an EWI system can totally transform and modernize the look of your home.

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External Wall Insulation has many benefits including:

1. Reduces heating bills by reducing heat loss through walls

2. Thermal efficiency of walls can be increased by 85%

3. Environmentally friendly – reduces carbon emissions as you use less fossil fuel

4. Reduce condensation (EWI raises the temperature of internal walls)

5. Prevent damp & mould: EWI seals buildings from the elements

6. Improve acoustics: hi-density insulation reduces sound transfer




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We only use market leading products to make sure the system we offer is installed using the premium materials in the marketplace. PPG/Johnstones Trade leads the way in global coatings technology across architectural, aerospace, industrial, automotive, speciality and marine coatings and has over a hundred years of expertise in developing products that protect and endure in the harshest of environments imaginable.

PPG is the largest coatings manufacture in the world, so you can rest assure that the products are of the highest quality with a team that fully backs the products sold. Click on the Logo to view more on the render systems offered.

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The K Rend brochure provides all the information you need on the K Rend range.


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K-rend is a silicone range which incorporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system. The silicone technology imparts a high degree of water repellence to the render surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through the render and let the substrate breath.

The water repellent surface ensures a freshly rendered appearance for prolonged periods. The finish is drier and thus more resistant to algae growth.

K-rend application

Once the defected render or paint work is removed and the scratch coat has been applied, the surface is ready to receive the top coat of K-rend coloured mortar system.

Using a darby or straight edge the top coat of K-rend is applied to the ready prepared surface at a thickness of 16mm, from this there are a choice of two finishes to the render.


Key features

  • Polymer Based Render
  • Mesh Based to stop cracks
  • Water repellent render
  • Low maintenance
  • Allows Structure To Breathe
  • Natural Looking Finish
  • Extensive Colour Range

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